Sustainable access to clean water through human-centered design

We believe in a world where everyone has permanent access to clean water.

Clean water saves lives, empowers families and communities, and breaks cycles of poverty.

Give today and make this a reality for someone. You can bring one person clean water for life with just $25.

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permanent solutions


Access to clean water is one of the world’s greatest needs. But many water projects last only a few years. To end the global water crisis for good, we need more than just wells and filters.

33 Buckets partners with communities in need of clean water to launch self-sustaining community water franchises. This empowers local populations to permanently solve their water issues.

lives changed

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"Before, 15% of our kids were malnourished with stomach problems.

Now, we have almost zero."

Agripino Cordova Tocre | School Principal | Huillcapata, Peru

Clean water brought to over 6,700 people and counting.  Our Projects >>

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2018 Annual Report

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change the world with us.

Our goal is to save millions of lives and empower communities across the world with clean water. Help us get there.

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