We can solve the water crisis

We don't need to wait for new technology to be invented. All that's needed is the support of generous people like you, to bring the solutions we already have to where they are needed!

Consider donating monthly and know that you will be making an impact throughout the year. We've done the math: for just the cost of your music streaming service each month, 4-5 people receive safe water every year!

What will we use your donation for?

Materials and construction for a new community franchise generally total $5,000-10,000. Your contribution covers these upfront costs, plus direct expenses incurred by our team in the provision of all services.

Programs are expected to continue to total over 85% of expenses in 2018 - meeting Charity Navigator's gold standard.

Donate through Amazon Smile!

You can support to 33 Buckets every time you shop on Amazon using this Amazon Smile link. 0.5% of what you spend on Amazon (for eligible products) is donated at no extra cost to you!