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the problem

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1.8 billion people drink contaminated water

40% of water projects fail

Why? Simply digging a well or giving a water filter makes only a temporary impact. For a clean water project to be sustainable, the local community must be engaged and must be able to independently maintain their water system.

* Davis, S. (2014). Guidelines for Resolution of Problems with Water Systems. (Rep.) Improve International.



Our Solution

partner with communities to launch clean water franchises


We provide the up-front funding and train local leaders to oversee operations and maintenance. Families pay just a few dollars per month for their water service.


Maintenance and other ongoing costs are covered by these monthly service fees. The initial investment builds a permanent, independent source of clean water. 


By placing local leaders at the center and providing WASH Education, we empower people to break “poverty traps”. Unlike top-down approaches, community franchises adapt to local culture.

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Every situation is different; no one technology works everywhere. We custom-fit each franchise's water system using 33 Buckets Toolbox, our scalable design system.



make a difference

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