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the problem

1.8 billion people drink contaminated water

40% of water projects fail*


Why? It is not enough to simply dig a well or provide a water filter. A project like this often breaks down soon after the implementing group leaves. The local community must be engaged and must be able to independently maintain their water system. 



Our Solution

partner with communities to launch clean water franchises


Families pay just a few dollars per month to collect purified water from their community kiosk. We provide the up-front funding and train local leaders to oversee operations and maintenance.


Maintenance and other ongoing costs are covered through water sales revenue. The initial investment builds a permanent, independent source of clean water. 


By placing local leaders at the center and providing WASH Education, we empower communities suffering from “poverty traps”. Unlike top-down approaches, community franchises adapt to work within local culture.

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Every situation is different; no technology works everywhere. We custom-fit each franchise's water system using 33 Buckets Toolbox, our scalable design system.



make a difference

Support our work. Donate to our ongoing work in Peru. $25 ensures clean water for one person for life.

Keep learning. Read more on Our Story and The Team behind it.

See what we've done so far. View photos of our completed projects in Peru, Dominican Republic, and Bangladesh.



* Davis, S. (2014). Guidelines for Resolution of Problems with Water Systems. (Rep.) Improve International.